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About us

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Our Values

Luci Lu Designs is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and was established in 2011 by Luci.

"I have always had a passion for craft work and glass painting in particular, the designs I created for friends and family were always well received and so a few years ago my hobby slowly began to turn into my business as the requests grew as well as a very loyal customer base. I get the inspiration for my designs from all different sources and Im always thinking of new designs for my glassware to keep things fresh, modern and most importantly unique! I love being creative with the glassware and working with my customers to ensure they get a great product they are both happy with and that fits their purpose, I absolutely love what I do and I hope this is reflected in my work"

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Each glass is painted by hand using high quality paint, they are then heat set to fix the paint to the glass (no vinyl or decals used) The glasses are very hard wearing and are made to be used over and over again without it affecting the paintwork. Although all our glassware is dishwasher safe it is recommended that you wash the glasses in warm soapy water to keep the design vibrant. Please do not soak, scour or use any abrasives on the glasses as this will damage the paintwork.

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If you have any queries at all then please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].